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Konopkar is the first cannabis magazine and portal in Slovakia (Slovak Republic). Our goal is to bring readers older than 18 years the catchiest and best quality content from the world of cannabis. Konopkar is the Slovak translation for the Common Linnet, a bird famous for its love for cannabis.

Konopkar is published in electronic form, which guarantees its readers easy and free access from everywhere. The internet is the future of media and by our philosophy we are proud to support the environment, which is important to us.

Konopkar is not only the name of our magazine, it is our favourite mascot, which accompanies us on this cannabis journey for knowledge. Read Konopkar and join our journey!





With an average of 1000+ unique visitors per day, we focus on Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, Konopkar is available through top Slovak cannabis domains: marihuana.sk, cannabis.sk, kanabis.sk.


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PR ARTICLE TOP* 34.90 € / week
PR ARTICLE** 29,90 € / week
TOP BANNER 34,90 € / 10 000 impressions
VIDEO AD 14,90 € / week
SKYSCRAPER 31,90 € / 10 000 impressions
SIDE BANNER 29,90 € / 10 000 impressions
BOTTOM BANNER 19,90 € / 10 000 impressions
BANNER UNDER ARTICLES*** 18,90 € / 10 000 impressions
STICKER 25,90 € / 10 000 impressions
BUTTON 25,90 € / 10 000 impressions
SPONSORED LINK 5,90 € / week

*  PR ARTICLE TOP is held inside the carousel on the main page, after this period it will get older like all the other articles.
** PR ARTICLE is held in the category NEWS or ARTICLES on the main page, after this period it will get older like all the other articles.
** BANNER UNDER ARTICLES is shown under every article.


We are not a VAT payer. All prices are exclusive of VAT and final.

The purchase of a larger amount of ads is eligible for an individual discount.


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